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Herman T

Denco Triple Triple

I got these pictures from Bob Prior after emailing him asking about the Denco Triple. I sure wish I could have seen this bike run. What a machine!! There will be more pics to follow. These are all of the Denco Triple Triple that I have. I wonder what Boris Murray is up to now or if he is still around?


Wholly shnikies!!! I bet that sound would just destroy some ear drums! Shocked

 Nice pics! Scary looking bloke that is riding that thing Confused

 Smokin Joe !!!

About a year ago the guy was going through a nasty divorce and he put a post on that he was going to take it apart and slowly drop all the components into the Pacific.  I hope someone was able to talk some sense into him.

There are videos floating around of it running, nothing from the race track but just idling sounds fantastic.
Herman T

Here's one of the videos. There are others on the right hand side of the page that you can click.
Herman T

I guess this bike was built by Dennis Dean and ridden by Boris Murray back in the day. Was anyone else involved with the build? Tony? Paul Gast?

I like this movie the best of the ones that are on google even if it starts out sideways.

Tribute to Boris Murray

Click on the link below for some great information about Boris Murray submitted by Bob Prior - AU.


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